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12 July 1993
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I am enlisted in the database as Polina; but you may have a nickname for me. I was condemned to this life on July 12, 1993 as a female; which makes me to be fourteen. I was born in Moscow, Russian Federation; a region called Yugo Zapadnaya, literally translated "Southwestern". My mother raised me in Moscow until I was five years old, when we moved to the US. Both of my parents are of pure Russian blood; although I have never met my father. I go back to Moscow every summer, and sometimes in the winter; I still speak Russian fluently. Now, I reside in a fairly large town called Martinsburg, West Virginia; and I hate it. After college, which I wish to attend Dowling College in New York, I will move back to Russia; either St. Petersburg, Moscow, or Volgograd. I want to earn a living by being an Air Traffic Controller.

I have many beliefs and ideals. I am a Nationalist and a Fascist. You may consider me a National Socialist; that is also fine. I have three main interests in life. Aviation. Politics. History. I am intellect in the Flemish political party; Vlaams Belang, and the Russian political party; ЛДПР (LDPR). Both are Nationalist; but I am not Flemish, that is another story. I enjoy listening to speeches from both parties and I get a thrill out of talking to some of their members. Odd, for a fourteen-year-old, I know. I spend most of my extra time reading about the 30's and 40's. I love love love learning about the Holocaust; Third Reich; and World War Two. Mostly, I take interest in the Luftwaffe, SS, Einsatzgruppen, and the Russian ROA.

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